How to prepare your car for a technical inspection and pass it without problems

Technical inspection of the car is as important and necessary as a medical examination for a person. It is necessary, first of all, for safety reasons - not only for your safety, but also for the safety of all other traffic participants. A faulty car is a potential threat to life and health of people, so it is quite fair that the lack of a certificate allowing you to participate in road traffic is punishable by fines, and the more often you will be "caught", the greater will be the amount of penalties.

How often technical inspections are required for different categories of vehicles

Diagnostics and maintenance should be carried out regularly - then it will be easier to pass inspections and there will be no situations when expensive repairs need to be made at short notice. Passenger cars used for commercial passenger transportation, buses and trucks equipped for passenger transportation should be inspected once every 6 months.

Cars and trailers more than 10 years old, special cars, trucks, semi-trailers and trailers must be inspected once a year. Cars and vehicles less than 10 years old can be inspected once every two years. We remind you that after the purchase of a car you must have it inspected within 10 days after the registration of the contract of sale.

What documents are needed to pass the technical inspection

Before you go to a service station, you must have the following documents ready:

A valid, non-expired driver's license with current passport information;

A ticket;

Valid medical certificate;

Certificate of state registration of a vehicle;

The certificate confirming passing of the last technical checkup;

Certificate of car insurance;

Receipt on payment of Technical Inspection and state duty (road tax).

Sometimes additional papers may be required - mostly if the car is equipped with a satellite communication system or gas equipment. When all the documents are collected and checked, you can start preparing the car.

What you need to do to successfully pass the checkup

  • Carry out a complete cleaning of the car interior and a body wash;
  • Check the operation of the headlights, lights and other lights;
  • Evaluate the serviceability of the parking brake on a slope, if there are problems with it - diagnose the brakes in the service station;
  • Check the operation of windshield washers and wipers, fill up the fluid, if there is little of it left;
  • It is also advisable to replace the oil and filter, so they do not let you down at the wrong time;
  • Evaluate the condition of the tires - if they are worn, or there are tires with different tread patterns on the same axle, you need to replace them and do a wheel alignment;
  • Check the horn, seat belts, and door locks;
  • Check the presence of the first aid kit, the expiration date of the drugs in it, and make sure the fire extinguisher is not out of date.
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