About proper winter care of the body and not only from the professionals

Low temperatures, snow, road reagents - all this negatively affects the condition of the body and the car, which in the summer was in excellent condition, by the spring may be covered with rust spots, especially if there is minor damage to the paintwork. Also many drivers often face the problem of frozen locks, thick ice on the glass, salt deposits on the sills and the bottom, and many other unpleasant little things that can spoil the mood for the whole day and disrupt plans.

We take care of the body on our own

You should not forget about regular car washing - contrary to popular belief it is necessary in winter as well as in any other season, and sometimes more often, because during heavy snowfalls the body gets dirty very quickly because of road chemicals. Car should be washed and dried at maximum ambient temperature, because in severe frost the water would "grip" immediately and could simply block the locks and doors. If the road dirt has penetrated into the body and is not washed off, it makes sense to resort to gentle polishing.

What a motorist must have in his "winter" arsenal

Quick lock release liquid (WD-40 will do)
Aerosol for fast de-icing

Special rubber mats to protect the interior upholstery from dirt and moisture

More tips about winter storage
Whether your battery is on its last legs or brand new, the frost will have a negative effect on its performance. To prevent loss of power, it is recommended to fully charge it at least once a month, and to have a set of cigarette lighter wires in the trunk.
Be sure to re-shoe your car on winter tires, preferably studded or friction rubber, and make the wheel alignment, so the car does not let you down in a dangerous traffic situation during the ice.
It is desirable to change the oil in the engine for winter oil in advance, so that in frost there was no thickening or stratification of the fluid, which can lead to serious damage. And engine repair, as we know, is quite a long and not the cheapest event.
When it's worth turning to professionals for body care
If you can't cope with a body deposit on your own, don't try to remove it mechanically - it's better to go to a professional car wash, where there are specialized detergents that can easily cope with even the most complex contaminants. Besides, specialists can cover the body with special protective compositions - anticorrosion, antigravium, wax or ceramic coating based on solid polymers. Particular attention during anti-corrosion treatment should be paid to the arches, fenders, sills and other areas exposed to the aggressive effects of road chemicals.
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